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  1. Hi there. Couldn't send you a message so just writing a post here. Read your post and was wondering how you were doing. Anxiety can become quite a situation and I totally understand what you are going through. You just gotta allow yourself to heal slowly and steadily by allowing some love in. Like try doing the things you love.. like eating good chocolates, listening to some good music or watching a good tv show or anything that makes you feel better. It might seem like a challenge initially but gradually you can truly get better. When the mind is in a lower state of frequency, the body automatically reacts by giving panic attacks and various other thingies. It's just the body telling us something is wrong. We just gotta take it in the right mood and endeavor to make ourselves feel better rather than submitting into the fear and all the sad thoughts. And there's loads more to it. But anyways.. I hope this meets you in good spirits.

    Love and Regards
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