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About anxietysucks
hello everyone, I am soo soo happy I found this site, I started to feel like i was alone for awhile. ok here goes my life.
im 27 overweight female with a lot of anxiety's i have had a rough childhood, lost both my parents and was in a abusive relationship. I was put on celexa back in 2008 and at first i went manic on it which was scary cause it caused it. but then i got use to it after they lowered my dose and became numb to it. i started to have some side effects i didnt like, like it lowered my blood sugar, and my blood pressure which is good cause i have high blood pressure but it was like 90/60 and that is very low for me. but then i put on 50 pounds due to mindless eating and the pressure went up but stayed at about 130/85 so wanted to get off the medication cause i felt so much better so long story short i did, i weened off and went nuts! i felt horrible worse then i did before getting on the medicine and i felt like i was going to die, i had weird feeling all over my body like bugs crawling on me, i felt anxiety in my limbs it was scary so i went to the hospital (psych) to get admitted so they can put me on meds again., so they put me back on celexa and i had a different experience at first, I started to feel speedy and not calm like i use to be when i was on it., i started to feel like my throat was getting tight too and i told the nurse and she told me it was anxiety so i slept it off. i was soo scared so i went home and kept taking the medicine i got better and started enjoying life again but then i developed itching, small hives, and tightness sometimes maybe once or twice in the throat. the hives were just tiny welts that only would appear in singles.
so my doc said to stop asap! so i did and now i was told to try paxil and im scared shitless to take it, i looked it up and heard nothing but bad things about it.
massive weight gain is one i cant deal with cause im already big, i dont need no more fat lol
im constantly worrying about everything i hate living this way. i am diagnosed with somatoform disorder where i make the symptoms happen by thinking about it all the time. its weird though i dont think about the symptoms i just think about them when i develop them. more things about me, im 27 nurses assistant, married with no kids.


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