What's set me off writing this is today about 2 in the afternoon,I was walking down a road I've walked down dozens of times to go to a shop near my home. Basically 3 ugly shitty kids seem to think its ok to try and crash into you with a bike and when I come out with "fucking idiot",I get "haha,fuck off" "fucking slut" and something that I don't want to repeat but could be taken as threatening sexual assault. I didn't do anything to deserve that,it really shook me and when I got home I couldn't stop crying for a while. Yeah,I get that kids are kids,and the way they behave reflects how they've been brought up,but the state of mind I'm in I just cant handle something like that. They must have been about 13 or so,I'm an adult but I'm only 5'2 and fairly slim,I was on my own and it just came out of nowhere. I don't know what to say...its funny to laugh in my face,threaten me,its not just today that's got to me,things like this have happened before. I don't have friends,not in a relationship,I'm always out on my own...there's never anything I can do and I know one day something really bad is going to happen to me. I hate it. I'm depressed,lonely,hate myself and it's getting harder to put up with this shit.
I know there's nothing anyone can say that's going to make me feel any better,I guess cos I don't have anyone to talk to I just needed to get this said in some form