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My mum works in the same school as me as a supervisor mainly for break and lunch time but around for a whole day school doing stuff on computer and making sure kids behave and stuff.... I am in 6th form 2nd year..

I know this is immature but someone had some fake blood which looked realistic and I splashed it over my head and hands and was getting amused by walking down the corridor and people are like omg what happened..

My mum was in the staff room and my friend said lets see your mums reaction, im like allright.. at the time I thought hey hey, she will be scared for a couple seconds but then I can say its a joke and we can laugh about it later...

My friend knocked on the door to get my Mum and as she opened the door she looked at me on the floor holding my head.. I was expecting her to be like what happened and then I will be like its a joke haha dont worry... But she screamed and ran back inside I was so confused and I got scared.. I went inside and she was crying panicking and a teacher was hugging her I felt so awful and said Mum Mum Mum its fake its fake literally straight away after the shock of seeing me with blood.. But she carried on crying and looked so upset, I didnt know what to do and a teacher sent me out the staff room... I realised this must of been embarasing infront of all her colleagues which made me feel worse

I went to the staff room half hour later and her eyes were teary and she was saying shes allright now but she cant believe I did that too her and she said wait till i get home.

At home I apologised continously and she told me how she felt.. She said she was trying to scream but nothing would come out.. she couldnt stop crying I was confused on why she didnt come to me but she said she went back in thinking she was getting help she was confused I feel soo bad about this. She also mentioned that she carried on crying 20 minutes later even after knowing it was fake blood/prank. (a disgusting prank i admit)

More importantly this is making me anxious and worried if I've possible damaged her health long-term because I've read stuff how panic attacks can be the start of a panic disorder, take weeks to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling... I'm just worried that because of me, bad things will happen to her and I have a massive fear of having a negative impact on someones life e.g. making them think negatively or negative things happen and when its my mum it makes 10 times worse.. I love my mum so much, I just want to be assured what happened ? Was it a panic attack ? What type of panic attack ? Did it help me letting her know straight after the shock and will it have any long term impacts?

P.s. What do you think about me ? Am I the villian ? My mums friend came round saying it was disgusting behaviour and I shouldnt even look at her sooo... I feel like crap at the moment but as long as my Mum is allright, everything is cool and we can move on in life and forget... I'm a laid back person and will just be anxiously waiting for it to die down as the atmosphere in my house is pretty rubbish..

Thanks for the help guys, peace.
She was emotionally distraught as people are when they think something horrible happens to someone they love. Panic attacks and panic disorder are two different things, for the most part you have to have fear about having panic attacks to have panic disorder and often the panics can occur unprovoked (during deep sleep for example). It may have been a panic attack or just severe emotional distress, it really depends on what she was feeling. I doubt there will be any long term impacts.

PS. I think your a kid, when I was a kid I capitalized on the opportunity to do crazy and sometimes stupid things all the time. Your not a villain, that requires malicious intent. Your mums friend is little strange, it was a stupid thing to do, but not disgusting.

Have a good one!