I have a very strange phobia and have not yet met anyone with it and with the same level of it!!!

I can remember when my fear first started to manifest...it was a couple of years ago and even tho I would get nervous anyway on my own, I was quite ok...with agoraphobia my partner would do the school trips in the morning while I played on the computer...however, one day one of my sons was ill so I had one at home while he left with the other...but! After he'd been gone a few moments, my heart started to pound and I felt sick and dizzy (even tho I was laid watching TV with my son) and I felt pure panic! I raced to the front door to call my partner back but he was gone...so I raced back inside nearly cryin and near hysterical! I called my mother and she sat and spoke to me till he got back...I was fine for a while then one morning we argued my partner and I and he left angry...another wave of panic hit me and I yelled for him to come back...he refused and kept goin...so anyways I raced round my house screaming for somebody to help me and was so scared athat I called my mother again to talk to me till he got back...this began a steady thing until soon I couldnt even do that and my mother would have to come and sit with me while he did the afternoon pick up and I started paying for my sons to get to school by taxi...it never usually bothered me but is now startin to get to me.

Then a few weeks back we had an argument because we needed bread and he got annoyed because I couldnt be alone just for 20 mins...he left anyways and I started to panic massivly...thankfully my 13 year old son was great with me and stayed on the phone to my mother but it has left my confidence to be alone badly crushed...and what doesnt help is that to this day I still havent met anyone who is as bad!!

I am getting CBT but I dread the next step which is alone in my house for 15 mins...sounds pathecti I know but I really hope there is somebody out there who has had this or has it...oh and sorry for the long thread! Thought it better to explain everything!