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    Hi petal,

    I've been trying to do mindfulness meditation but seem to have a problem with clearing my mind of thoughts.* I'd like to know if you could give a description of your method of meditation.* If you could describe the breathing technique, posture, and thinking process you use while meditating.* I've read some about it on websites but am still confused and wondering if I'm doing it right.* Unfortunately, I do not have easy access to any group that practices it in my area.* I would greatly appreciate any further information you could offer me about it.*

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    Keep well and safe,

    You could try this book & meditation CD on for size and see how it goes. It comes with an 8 week outline for trying it out.

    It is called "The Mindful Way Through Depression" but my therapist said it is also helpful with anxiety, as mentioned above. You can get it on Amazon for a very reasonable price - $20 here in Canada, $14 US in the States.

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    Doing a mindfulness program for anxiety

    My dr has prescribed neurotin with the goal of eliminating benzos. Im scared bc Im dependent to deal with the anxiety for bipolar. Also scared bc what I have read about neurotin. Even lawsuits
    Anyone had experience with this treatment plan?



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