Hi been reading through a couple of ocd posts and i can relate to alot of them, i went to my gp and he told me that i may have ocd but couldnt help but put me on anti depressents. but not being sure that these would work i am trying to get rid of it myself (hard work!!!). :angry:
is there anyway of getting these horrible thoughts out of my head, i constantly get them and they drive me round the bend! anything bad i hear on the news i put myself in that position or if people tell me things that have happened that are bad the thoughts are stuck in my head.
I'm learning to control the counting thing and replace it with something else like an elastic band round my wrist i fiddle about with it and that generally works and other people see that as a normal thing. when i'm around my family friends boyfriend, i can hide it really well but its still happening!
i cant actually remember when all of this started?
i feel so down all the time and end up getting really emotional, and i want it to go away! it helps when i visit this forum, just want someone to talk to. :unsure:
Can anyone help is there anyway of stopping or reducing the thoughts?