ok so im a 27 year old female. i used to be a heavy drinker and smoker. now i drink like twice a week and smoke a couple packs a week. i have ptsd, panic disorder, and gad. i started having panic attacks when i was 12. i also started having heart palpitations and skipped beats every once in awhile in my teen years. i was checked a gazillion times back then for a murmer cuz my mom has one and they never found anything. Well for the past 3 months my heart has been doing the weird beating/skipping beat thing like every other day. Which is weird since I have been excersizing more and drinking and smoking less and drinking less caffeine. I have been super stressed but ive been stressed for like 15 years now so thats nothing new. i just get scared that im gonna have a heart attack or there is something really wrong. does anyone have any sort of similiar experience or knowledge on the subject? thank you so much! much love