i really cant believe what you are saying, i am so happy to know i am not the only one with this problem, yet i feel so sorry for you because i know the pain you are going through. I came for help because I feel like i am absolutely going crazy..My daughters are now 21 and 23 and i am EXACTLY the same way...it is so horrific for me now that i can now longer sleep most nights because i stay awake and wrry about my grown children and i imagine they are going to be abducted, murdered or raped when they are not in my sight..i can imagine so many scenerios that it becomes real in my mind. and like yourself when i know they are safe or sure and only then, i can rationalize about how ridiculous my thoughts are and how unlikely anything i imagine would ever happen. but while im going through these thoughts i become crazed to the point that i cant function at any level...my fears at this time are mostly geared to my 21 year old , who recently got a job as a waitress in a bar close to the college she attends. i text her sometimes over 50 times a night while she is at work , hoping for a response so i know at that moment she is safe...alll the while i am aware that she is super busy and can not text back so this triggers horrible thoughts in my head such as, :maybe she never even made it in to work: or maybe she left early and someone raped or abducted her and it escalates to the point of no return i cant stop texting till i get an answer,,,and even after she answers it all starts again ,,,its especially bad between the hours of two am and three am when she is on her way home.she suffers from terrible deppresion and now anxiety and i feel to blame for most of it..i feel my compulsions make her feel incompitant and incapable but nothing i know can make me stop doing and feeling and thinking my thoughts . what is wrong with me? i feel like i am absolutely crazy and im scared. Is this ocd, or gad or something else? im at witts end and i cant go on much longer like this. I feel like i am going to have a heartattack soon if i dont get help.and i am overwhelmed with guilt for what i am doing to my daughters well being. Plse , any advice or feedback will help me so much.oh and i must add when my daughter was 14 , i reluctantly let her stay at a friends for a sleep over after checking with every parent and calling the house several times i thought i was doing something great because up until that point i never let her sleep out anywhere.. well my baby was raped and thus i have never ever been able to get over it and that is what triggered her depresion I always blame myself thinking that it was my fault for going against my better judgment and allowing her to sleep out. i think this incident made my obsesion over my children much much worse.and think it may have triggered ptsd im myself as well.