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    I did not see your post up there, so sorry! I don't know how that happened! What happened to you was very, very wrong: your therapist crossed a line and was completely inappropriate with your information and privacy. He/she should have enforced that it was divided in your interest to share therapy with a household member, and should have recommended someone else. Or, they should have made it clear what boundary they can cross and cannot cross regarding privacy. I am so sorry that you were violated in this fashion.

    fallninnocence, Cheryl, and jkowski, all your posts are appropriate here, and I have heard some of the same from my own closests friends and family. It's nice to come to a place where we can vent and get validation from people who understand the struggles we go through.

    In gentleness,


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    Every single time I have a panic attack my DH says "Do you know what's causing it?". I keep telling him that they just happen for no reason, just out of the blue. It's like he doesn't listen. Although I know he's really trying to be concerned.

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    "you say you have all these problems but I barely ever see it" - boyfriend.

    babe, YOU cant see whats in MY mind
    maybe i bottle things up inside so I dont look ridiculous in front of you!

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    I used to have a 'witty' housemate and a couple of his best were:

    'I believe breathing is involuntary, try not to think about it so much.' and
    'You have nothing to fear but fear itself... and monsters'

    but in fairness they are pretty funny, just not when you're in the middle of a massive anxiety attack.

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    "Why are you like this!?"
    Having something you can't control, getting blamed for it, shits rough...

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    "just snap out of it"



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