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    Today, I had playing wii for about one hour. Then my mam came. We were for until I saw a spider in the kitchen. Im arachnophobic, so I screamed and ran to the wii, its my relaxation method, I tried to forget about the spider. Then I see my mam gracing a napkin, so I feel a little better and anxiety was going away. But then, my mam calls me, I look over, stop playing wii, and she motions throwing me the spider. I almost fell and instantly jerked. I cannot believe how insensitive she can be. We know we love each other, that's not the problem. The problem is she doesn't understand me and believes its all in my head. I know it is too, but I cannot overcome it alone. And she just laughs at me, and it is bothering me, but unlike must times, I haven't cried yet. Must be getting better, I guess. I just don't know, I feel positive until something like this happens...

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    that's my problem too buddy, no one understands that we need help and wish they could understand



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