Going to be brief
im 21 years old
up to this point life has been miserable
school was a struggle
even going into the shop to buy something or walking down the street, im a wreck
i cant handle living in a society, as with many anxious people
a simpler way of life is required
im at university doing engieering but i dont fucking know why,
i love the engineering, but i hate having to conform to a stupid system of exams and presentations which im too fucking nervous to do anyway, therefore i get shit marks and less able people score higher.
In my opinion this is a fucking form of discrimination against my illness. because i feel heavily disadvantaged by their methods
i was thinking of quitting the whole fucking thing and getting a shit job, but that is a depressing thought
i cant deal with people, especially women
im always nervous and therefore have never formed a relationship, and cant see it happening
i dont see the point of me existing any longer in this grind of a life, going through the crappy motions from day to day