My husband has left me two weeks ago, he has been diagnosed as suffering from stress and anxiety, i have an idea of where he is but he won't tell me and hes built up these huge brick walls aroung him, they are impossible to break down.
He has said he has no feelings for anybody and that includes me,
We started our own business a year and a half ago and its based from home, he always loved the job and always said he'd never want to do anything else, however the presure of it being at home and near enough 24/7 doesnt help but we seemed to manage then 5 weeks ago he said he was leaving in 3 weeks as he couldnt cope anymore, (he stayed to look after the dogs as we were all supposed to be going to a family wedding) he left the following day.
I know hes near his mum somewhere and he has been texting me a few times as well as the odd phone call, but he won't let me in.
I feel like I've cried and cried bucketts, I've got one of those self help cds which seems to work sometimes but all I can think about and worry about is him, what can I do to help him get through this and back home where he belongs, where he is loved and missed sooo much, I can carry on with daily life, I have to I have a son and dogs to look after but I worry about him and think I may have lost him completely, but then I receive a text from him with "lol" at the end of it
He found himself a temperory job with an agency last week so he has something to keep him busy which is so different to what we do normally, so I suppose that will help some of that wall come down. but what do I do in the mean time, this is making me so un-happy and sad, I've had allsorts go through my mind
If anybody has been through this or has an idea of what the "stages" are please, please let me know at least I may have an idea of what to expect