As I had mentioned in one of my other posts, my brother went through a pretty traumatic illness. A rare autoimmune disease, that the doctors almost did not catch, They kept telling him that it was anxiety attacks, and stress induced epilepsy. Now finally after three and a half, almost four months of being in the hospital and receiving treatments, he is making amazing progress.

Problem is now, I have been feeling terrible pretty much since he got sick.. I have gone to the Dr and the ER more times then I can count. They have done a lot of blood work, and xrays and MRIs and Cat Scans and have found nothing. Because they couldnt find out what was wrong with my brother I have a really hard time believing it.

Its horrid. I have a headache, and I think I am having a stroke, or a brain tumor, or swelling of my brain
I have a sore throat, and I think that my throat is going to close up.
I have sore muscles and I think I have blood clots in my leg, or mono, or meningitis.

The doc gave me citalopram to try, but because of the anxiety of side effects I have not yet..

Can anyone offer some words of advice or help? It would be greatly appreciated.