Hello everyone

So... I'm not really sure how to start with this. But I desperately need someone's help or just someone to talk to, to get this off my chest.. I am terrified of dying and it's starting to ruin my life :-( I am constantly having these horrible panic attacks and sometimes I just can't stop it! It worse at night, because I just lay there and think about it and I have no idea why! I was going to therapy but she wasn't very helpful. She was just teaching me how to stop a panic attack but not how to actually tackle the problem.. I hate this feeling of pure terror that runs through me every time I think about it and it's pretty much everyday now. It's embarrassing when I have to try n stop myself panicking in front of ppl for no reason! I just don't know what to do anymore! I desperately need help and just need someone to talk to about this :-(