Don't ever think you're "too fat" or not good enough for someone! You're an amazing person in your own way! It's not fun when you let someone bring you down. I've had that problem for years. I've just recently gotten over it. It took me so long to realize that I am beautiful. I always called myself ugly. Bad acne can really bring down a person's self esteem haha. I realized that it doesn't matter. It's not like I'm the ONLY person that's ever had acne. SO many teenagers have acne. I shouldn't have to feel inferior. I went to the doctor for it for years. Nothing worked for me. I ended up trying a pill and it worked for my acne, but after 2 months i had gained 30 pounds. My self esteem dropped through the floor. I stopped taking that medication and I've been using proactive since. My weight returned to normal (which was still a bit more than I was happy with.). My weight had changed so rappidly that I have stretch marks from it. Guys would call me fat here and there, kind of like that guy said to you, where they say i'm not fat but they imply it. I hated myself. What I eventually learned was that I'm amazing no matter what they say. I can't be "too fat" for them. Why should I care what they think of me? If I change, I should change for ME and noone else. I started going to the gym for a couple months. That was okay, but it wasn't so much fun so I stopped that. I try to go on a walk 1-2 times a week though to exercise some. I was eating breakfast one morning and read my cereal box. It was Special K. It talked about the "Special K Challange" and how you can "lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks!" I thought about it and figured that, "Hey, it can't hurt?" So i've tried it and so far i've lost 15 pounds in the past 3 months. Of course that's because of the holidays and big meals with family and such causing the weight loss to be a little slower. It's not that hard really, It's a lot of fun actually. I love special k. It's simple, it's yummy, and i lose weight. I'm almost down to where I'm happy with myself. My self esteem has been so high lately. Maybe you should change. Maybe you shouldn't. It's up to you. If you change, it should be because YOU want to. Either way, I wish you luck and to never think bad of yourself! You're a great person, don't let anyone tell you differently! As Lady Gaga says, "Rejoice and love yourself today, 'cause baby you were born this way." Good luck with your choices! ~Ashley