Method 1.I have found that staring at any part of my body produces a great anti anxiety , calming effect. I stare at a small part of my knuckle is the easiest way to accomplish this, not the whole knuckle at once, but a specific small spot of skin on the knuckle. Four or five people with panic attacks confirmed that it worked for them to abort their panic attack,. , in a minute or 2, one additional person said it did not. Stare continuously, dont avert your attention at all for a couple of minutes.. I guess it works because over the eons of evolution when we were injured we often looked at the injury a lot , assessing and monitoring it, and after enough eons of doing that, that created a benefit in us , a triggering gene, from doing so that included an anti anxiety effect.

Last Friday , I asked four people I knew to test this, and all agreed to its calming, relaxing effect, one saying it made her "feel like I had no worries"

Method 2. My friend was having what amounted to a panic attack. Staring at white noise, perfectly random tv snow or static puts me in what is a dead ringer for the antianxiety , calming theta brainwave state so I asked her to try it. In 3 minutes i watcher her attack totally disappear and she reported total calm. To get the random static, one must have a tv pre 2005, called analogue, It may say that on the back.Take the cable off and turn the set to a non broadcast channel displaying only black dots jumping around on a white background, so called tv snow or static. Newer than that, which are digital, digital tv's dont display tv snow , instead display a blue screen,when turned to a non broadcast channel, or even if the blue screen can be defeated the snow is not random, same for the internet which is digital also. I turn the sound down all the way as its disturbing and merely look at the static, the so called snow. The effect is so profound on anxiety and calming that it will be obvious to almost anyone in seconds..
I had another friend the other day try this method and she said she tried looking at the tv snow for 2 to 3 minutes with the sound off on her analogue tv set and she sent me this note about her results.

"um I have panic anxiety anger heartache the whole kit and kaboodle

it reduced it dramatically, all of it"She added that it made her feel "peaceful"

Also works that fast on totally aborting the manic phase of my neighbors mania with no resulting depression. Other ways of creating so called white noise do not work, they are not random. I have reason to believe that it works because it puts one in the theta brainwave state, a hightly valued and strived for healing and relaxing state which is also attained via hypnosis or swimming (hearing the sound, sonar) dolphins make. Please post your experience should you try it..

Steve Lord