NOVEMBER was when it first started. I started 'skipping' a beat when i slept and i had my first anxiety attack. I told my parents (I'm 14) to call 911 immediately. They didn't because they knew what was wrong. The day after that i started breathing really weirdly, my first thought was lung cancer. This started it all.. Now i have not gone a day since then without worrying about something. I am so tired of this and i can't take it. Wether its brain, lung or gastric cancer i think i have them all. I always rub my head to check for tumours and if i find a bump i FREAK OUT. I saw a doctor 2 weeks ago. She said its normal my age and i am now seeing a cognitive therapist.. i just really, really need help if anyone can help me it would be greatly much appreciated.
Also 2 other things. For the last week (not last night) i woke up and felt numb. What is this?
And finally, i just took a shower and it was very cold. I breathed in and realized i couldn't breathe and i thought i was having a heart attack.
Thanks very much.