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    The Way Out Of Social Anxiety

    Action is the way out of SA. If you don't take action - read: be social - you're going to get into overthinking whether you like it, or want it, or not. The emotional brain has to occupy itself with something right?

    I have a very telling example of the necessity of action. Take a look...

    I went to Tokyo last summer. The first week was HELL - english is scary to use for me, so ddin't really say much; I was there with the people in my friend's band (one of very few friends I have and I really didn't know the others).

    So, it was fucked for a while... Why? Because I was with them all the time. Really. Not because it was a "scary new country" or anything like that. I have always had a strange vibe with these people, and have a very strong association to that vibe - with them. It's like a forced that sucks me in.

    But I stayed... And. BOOM... last two weeks I talked to 200 people. How did I do it? One shift, I think. The band started doing shows (9 in 11 days) in the last two weeks - and before, sometimes, during and after those shows I talked to people in the venues. Ok, these are japanese people, so they're "nerdy" - but that's not what this is about at all. It's not about being cool - you're cool if you see the cool in others right.. So I just talked to people. Started small, but... isn't it amazing that cutting off from the familiar can be what saves you from being afraid? I think so at least.

    You can learn two things from this I think: 1. that you never know what will happen tomorrow. 2. and that if you keep slugging it might work out, however bad it looked, literally, yesterday. So... hope you got anything out of this! I am interested in helping people out with these problems, and have a place where I have written stuff. take a look

    here it is spam there are also more hubs like these, four more, that you can check out. I've been into psychology for a long time - mostly to fix myself, really - so I know what I'm talking about. Take a look. There's also an e-book there that's great that I've used myself.

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    Re: The Way Out Of Social Anxiety

    I don't know if I have a severe case, but I don't have any friends outside of wprk. Well one here in town and one in san diego who I email once in a while. I stay home on weekendsnot having any one to call me, not even any of my family members. I have been on anti deprssants for years. Fear what people think of me and if I speak that something stupid will come out. For the most part there nothing on my mind so converse about. I watch a lot of tv in spurts, u know on and off spells.

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    I am exactly like "book2010" reply. I have one sister I cant to on weekends. Other than her or my Mom, I'm alone...with my special needs daughter (who has no friends). I have felt afraid so long, that I think the conversational part of my brain is dead.

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    you go in a trip of England.
    and also enjoyed very mach.

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    I understand about Anxietyt Disease, agraphobia, Social Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, all fears, because I live it. Seems like youre making progress thats wonderful news. But in some cases some of us have a little different these probs affect everyone different. But sounds like you took the bull by the horns there, Congradulations.

    You should stop by chatroom and discuss with people who have these disorders like myself. When you sign in on main page, scroll all the way to bottom page the link is down there, click on the chat link, then enter user name in box, then click connect were trying to built these forum post but also imediate the chatroom together again too, you can chat with all of us in there, ask what you want it really helps.

    Hope my info was useful.
    Chris_C is my chatroom name
    chris cavicchia

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    I agree that action is the way out of SA, however I also think that changing one's own beliefs systems about the disorder, and negative thinking habits, is crucial to overcoming anxiety. I know personally that if I just "forced" myself to push through social anxiety, it probably would have made it worse, unless I changed to more positive thinking also.

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    my guess is that it's not too severe for me but sometimes I can't talk to people while looking straight at them, even my family. Got a call from my dad recently that I should go out more, have fun cuz he didn't have that opportunity back in his youth. Recently been going out with few of my friends and it kinda helps with my social anxiety.



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