Hey everyone last year I moved from buffalo ny to Dallas Texas. I been in buffalo all 15 years of my life. When moving to Texas my whole life changed. I went from having tons of friends to just having my brother as my best friend. I started school on August 26th 2012 and by October I was feeling chest pain trouble breathing where I had to think about breathing. Went to the doctors and they said it was just anxiety. So summer came and I was so happy because I was going to Ecuador where I have family and my brothers and I stayed there for 2 months. It was towards the end we went to the coast and I got bit by so many Mosquitos and a week later or so I got this rash. The doctor there prescribed me pills to take but nothing changed. I went online reading if it was chicken pox measles and I became so stressed finally I bought this cream and it went away. Towards the end of my trip my breathing came back where i had chest pain and I had to think about my breathing. I came back to the United States (Texas) and I searched and it said lung cancer and I was so scared and I went to the ER and they did an EKG and everything was fine and they gave me a card to see a pulmonologist. The pulmonologist said it was anxiety again. Then I started becoming real anxious about my body where I looked in my throat and I noticed red bumps and then I searched that and it said throat cancer. I became so scared that I was going to die and then I got a lump sensation in the throat and got even more scared. I went to an ENT and see put something up my nose and down my throat to check and she said everything was fine just had swelling in my tonsils. She assumed I had acid reflux so prescribed me pills. The lump sensation is actually a lot better and I don't feel it as much. But now I have neck pains, ear pains, and mild headaches that I think it's a brain tumor. I am so scared that I get real hot and feel like I'm going to pass out because I'm afraid of cancer and death. It's been about 3 months now where that's all I think about. I cry a lot now and I live each day in fear someone help me please