I know this post is for friends and family, but look at from my view. I lie to get out of family gatherings, I leave grocery and department stores, leaving my loaded cart in isle. I don't believe in God and my family is very religious, if there was a god why does he let millions strave in Africa. Million die at hands of Nazi's and Millions suffer as all of us on this forum. I embarace my wife if I have a panic/anxiety attack in public, I am on short term disability so I am at least bringing some money in. I have no friends, I'll say that again I have no friends at all, no one to call, no one to visit, My mom is in Georgia and brother in L.A., I cut back cell phone plan to save money and only have 45 min long distance a month, Home phone is set up so it can't dial long distance. I have a wife who just left me, she can no longer handle my illness and she is now suffering anxiety and depression. We that are with the illness are very hard to understand. We can go from laughing one minute to crying the next. We are very unpredictable, I know my brother tells no one his brother has major mental illness, No if I had Cancer or MS just to choose two out of random diseases he would tell people that. I am never invited to Company functions. I have been under medical care 16 years and 30 years of alcohol. I am dry since 1998. I am just mad that family hides us and lies about us . For example "Oh he is just moody today because his dog/ pet /girlfriend is sick or hurt." Who ever reads this look into yourself and think of all the pain and suffering we go through without you adding to it, the family member making our miserable life worse. You yell at us to "Get out of it!" "Your faking this!" "oh its not that bad." we hear this and know you did not pay attention in the psychologist office as he/she explained our condition to you. Or even worse you never took you child or wife/husband to get help. If you can't afford it there are aid that can be attained. that is how i got help for 5 years after quit drinking. I am really sorry we were born into your life and ruined your white picket fence life you had planned out. Now we are weak and moody and hard to put up with. Oh then send him to get 80 plus Electro Shock Treatments, like my wife did to me. It erased all my memory from 18-20 years old and below. I am on some of the highest doses of Meds and still work full time. I am on short term disability right now. You the family member we need even more Love and Understanding than a normal person. We can get set off by the smallest thing, so I just mean by all this is we are not like this out of choice, but we need you to help and see us advance in recovery and watch us grow and smile when you show us love and understanding, my life is hell right now and my mom is the only one who truthfully cares and she is 800 miles away and I get to talk to her for maybe 20 minutes a week. We e-mail allot and don't skype, I don't want her to see me breakdown and cry when she comforts me. If this rubbed you the wrong way then think about us. Daily you can either help or hurt us by just how you treat us.