I have just come across this forum, I am aware almost a year later but would love to know how you have managed this really hard situation with your child, I have a 10 year old daughter with severe anxiety and refusing to go to school, this has being going on since september 2010, it started with repeating a year (her twin is in same class and repeated too but has adapted very well) and 1 week into the new class had a panic attack at school which resulted in her refusing to go the following day, its a long story but in a shortened version the principal of the school refused to acknowleged the diagnosis from a psycologist of severe anxiety disorder, but she did get back to class with the help of her very kind teacher who managed to keep the principal out of it. however the problem returned in september 2011 after the summer, this time I got an emergency appointment with camhs who are now involved but my daughter is still not responding to the treatment which is using relaxation therapy when she is panicking going into school. I am close to breaking point myself at this stage as I cannot see a way out of this. I have asked her if she would like to change school or get home schooling ,she said no she just wants to get back to normal in her own school. I have 3 other children , 2 in the same school and 1 older in secondary school with no problems. I would love to know how your little girl is now and if you can give me some advice