The weather here has been crazy lately, and I think I might be having sinus issues which is contributing to all of the dizziness I have been feeling. Lately I have really been feeling out of it. I don't mean the depersonalization feeling, I just feel like I can't concentrate. When someone is talking to me its like I really have to focus on what they are saying. I feel like I really have to think hard about what I need to say. I have had anxiety for a long long time, so I am familiar with anxiety manifesting all kinds of symptoms. I have had my fair share of almost all of them. The dizziness right now is really bothering me. I went ahead and made a doctor's appointment in March to have a check up, and ever since I have made the appointment it seems like my dizziness and feeling out of it has gotten worse. I am 28 years old, and other than the constant anxiety, I am healthy. I seriously need to stay away from checking symptoms on Google, but I am seriously paranoid about everything that I am feeling right now. I am going to have the doctor do blood work to check out everything. If she tells me its all anxiety and in my head, that will be fine with me and I will deal with it just like I always do. I just want to make sure its not something else. Has anyone else ever experienced what I am describing? Dizziness (more like vertigo because it doesn't make me light headed), it feels like my eyes are shaky and hard to focus, hard to concentrate, and in the past couple of weeks my head and neck have developed little twitches..I have agoraphobia so every time I leave my house all of this gets so much worse.