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Thread: Need to vent

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    Okay, so I have a little ranting to do here. I don't want anyone to take offense to this, but if you do, you do and for that I'm sorry because I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I cuss. I do it a lot. Is it the most lady like thing in the world? No, but do I care? Not really. Things I say really shouldn't be taken out of context. When I say "fuck" it typically means something such as "awww, crap, I can't believe I just did that" etc or something to that extent. When I say "god dammit", it basically means the same thing. Or shit or any other word that happens to slip out of my dirty little mouth. Don't take it as anything other than that. I'm not here to piss off religious folks or religious zealots even. I'm an agnostic and if someone asks, I shall tell them. I don't make it known in chat because it's "inappropriate" conversation. Just like someone telling me not to take "the Lord's name in vain" or quoting some shit out of the Bible is inappropriate. You don't like it? Fine. I don't like being bombarded with religion either.

    And this goes completely out of chat or PA entirely...On my way home from work last night, miles from my house, there were these "god awful" (not intended to offend anyone's religious beliefs!) posters up and people throwing flyers into cars. These posters were of aborted babies. Now, I am pro-choice and you can all believe what you want on this issue, I really don't give a damn. But to have bloodied fetuses' pictures all over the fucking place was highly disturbing to be. What if my kids had been in the car? WHAT IF MY KIDS HAD BEEN IN THE CAR? I'll tell you what would've happened had my kids been in the car: I would've gotten the fuck outta my car screaming and probably have gotten arrested. Explain to me what you're supposed to tell a 4 year old when he says "why is that bloody baby picture all over the place?" "It's called abortion honey. It's when mommy's who don't want their babies kill them." YOU TELL THAT TO A FOUR YEAR OLD? I THINK FUCKING NOT. I'm fine with people expressing their views and opinions- I know I do it- but for fuck sake (is that better?) don't put bloody baby posters up everywhere. And might I add. These were religious zealots doing this. The same fucking people who in their nasty flyer they threw into my car, not asking if I wanted one, but throwing it through my window while at a stop light next to these terrible pictures, "do unto others as you would have others do unto you". Would I stick photographs of murder scenes or something as equally atrocious in these people's faces? No, I wouldn't. Would I post them for children to see? HELL NO. These people are sick and twisted if you ask me. Are they getting a letter from me in opposition? YOU BET YOUR ASS. Is it in opposition to their opinion? Not at all. They're entitled to that. Remember though, these are the same fucking people who say violence in the media and in music etc is causing our youth to be mentally disturbed and go on killing rampages. No. I don't think so. I think it's pictures like the ones they're showing that aid in the disturbance of youth.

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    This is a pretty justified rant, Andrea.

    I am pro-life, but I never debate it with others. Mainly because one of my childhood friends is pro-choice, has exercised that choice, and needs me to be there for her without judgment.

    You know- my Dad is one of those zealots throwing graphically disturbing fliers at people. He's a huge pro-life activist for the Catholic church. Needless to say, he has more problems than most. That's what I try to remember when I see these people scarring the public with disturbing images. We're all just trying to deal with what we know about the ugliness in the world. For now, just be pleased that your children missed out on what could only be therapeutic for the zealots.



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