Hello TomSawyer1977,

I so admire you for being vulnerable and opening up on the forums this way. I don't think you have to feel guilty... I think you took a normal thing that people think about, because it's a human behavior to be sexual, to fantasize and to even crave things that we know we shouldn't crave. It sounds like you are worried because of the pattern of behavior set forth by your dad and your great grandfather, but maybe there is a connection with the OCD as well.

Finding new ways to cope with this very human trait will be a good focus for you. I'm sorry that you can't get therapy right now, I know i'm stuck in the same situation. Sucks, doesn't it? In the meantime, I'm glad you are here, and thank you for sharing and opening up. Hopefully you will find some great coping techniques that other OCD sufferers use to help them with this problem.

Take care,