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Hi,my son is now 22 and has social phobia, the only time he will go out, is when he has to see the doctor,then i have to go with him,he spends all day on the PC playing games,he seems fine talking to different people online, if anyone comes to the house he will hide away,i don't know what to do, to help him,he has no friends.except online,my life is on hold because of this,i was going to move away to live with the new man in my life, (my son would have to come as well)but i don't think my son would be able to cope with it,also he wont speak to my partner,there's no reason not to, except for his phobia, people say i do to much for him,but they don't understand hes got an illness,hes a good looking boy and clever,Ive got a nephew who is 38 and he suffers from the same,he is still living with his parents,has no friends,i don't want my son too be the same at that age,what can i do:?: any suggestions please

I read your post and we seem to be both struggling with our sons with social anxiety. Just wondered if we could mutually support one another?

My son is age 22.