Alright this may sound a bit silly to some but I can assure you all its very serious to me.So bare with me while I explain my problem.

Alright so this all started yesterday ive been reading some articles on cracked until i somehow came opon the legend of the slender man.I remember reading and seeing a ton about him on that day but i only remember 2 sources this
and ( I wouldn't recommended it if you've had problems with stuff liek this before just reading/watching instantly feared me.

Now unlike must other people with this problem iv never seen something remotely like the slender man yet for some reason now have a very serious fear of it that wont go away.Last night I had trouble sleeping and due to ho creaky my house is have been constantly terrorized for several hours.Whats worse is that everyone in my house was asleep and I was afraid to wake any one up in fear of attracting this slender man.

Right now it is the morning after that night and I am still extremely afraid of this more so then ever since my mom is at work(im 15 btw) and the only people left in the house is my smaller siblings wich the slender man is known to abduct and drive their current guardians insane according to legend.In this case the guardian would be me.

Its only been a day and I am already going insane.I did a search for phobia forums and joined the second I woke up.

My only experience with phobias before was a spider phobia (wich seems to be overcome the second I inherited this new greater one)Whats different then my spider phobia is that one used to only come on certain specific times in which my logic made me believe a spider could be present and would be countered with proper precautions taken to prevent a spider from entering the room I was in and personally checking the places it could be at.My fear wasnt about the spiders eating me or poisoning me but more about them sneaking up on me.If I clearly knew where a spider was at I wouldnt be half as scared as if I suspected one to be somewhere.

Whats worse is that this new phobia has combined certain characteristics of my previous phobia such as being sneaky possibly deadly and having arms that are similar to those of a spider.

Regardless of the horrifying audio tapes ive heard and the info I read know next to nothing about the slender man.Things like what does it go after?Why is it being sneaky,why not just take over humanity?What could attract it?Is it known to be in other areas in wich a collections of trees is not present?Can be killed or scared away?How exactly does it abduct people?Can it abduct non-children?Can it physically effect you?What does one do to prevent a slender man attack?Can they cloak/blend into the shadows?How silent are they?

As you can see ive already developed a lot of questions that help bring more fear.See if I was afraid of a spider then at least it isnt a fear that is always on and un predictable.

If youve been patient enough to read all this what do you recommend I do do overcome this because so far ive come up with nothing even being with people wont help it just makes me suspect that hes gonna sneak up behind them and abduct them followed by myself...