Hi, I think I realized recently that one of my close friends has a phobia of driving. She turned 21 recently and doesn't have her license, I never pressed the issue before because I knew she was sensitive about it but today I finally decided to figure out what was going on. She's made a couple of attempts before at fulfilling the requirements to get a license but never gets very far at all. She recognizes that it is incredibly inconvenient that she doesn't drive both for her and the people around her. She doesn't seem to have any trouble at all when riding in a car but doesn't even want to talk about driving. I don't think she's personally had any traumatic crashes or deaths in the family due to automobile accidents.
I need some help figuring out if this is a phobia (my first thought as a psych student) or if something else is going on here. Can someone with personal experience with driving phobia help me out. Or tell me a way to figure out if it's really a phobia other than shoving her behind the wheel and causing a panic attack?
kthanks! (sorry for wall of text I try to be specific)