hey guys

Im from south africa.I am very desperate for advice,help and a support system.

i dont think anyone understands a driving fear better than us who have the fear

i have my license for a year now and when i was a learner i had to beg family and friends to take me for lessons.i got so frustrated of waiting that i just decided to go with the driving school.they say to go for a certain amount of hours with an instructor and practice with a family member-i did not have this.my cousins and siblings went with parents for extra practice i dont understant why no one wanted tp help me.i gotmy license on my second attempt and was so excited and then the excitement turned into fear

we have a big family car and one day i drove it and when i came into my drive way i scratched it so on top of been so nervous,that made me feel worse and i stopped driving for 7 months.In september my parents bought me a car and i did drive it a few times,like 7 times!i feel like if i had an auto car i wouldnt be nervous and i did ask for one but my dad said to get a manual and get used to it but who is suffering now?me!!i drove my car a few times with my dad and just hated it because he would insult me and it means alot to me because i have A fear so i decided to go with my driving instructor which was worse!if i took off slowly she shouted at me or if i made a mistake he would laugh.i know right,disgusting coming from an instructor

i feel like i have 1% confidence left and dont want to drive with these people again else i will never drive again!when i sit in the car in my drive way i feel calm and if i am a passenger

my idea is to drive around the block for 10 minutes every night because its quieter.mmy problem is that i stall and maybe thats why i am nervous but the nerves are so bad that im even scared to drive out my drive way.

how do u stop stalling?will it get better?please give me advice with the anxiety and is it a good idea to go at night?
i dont want to stall in traffic and they hoot at me and make me more nervous and there are many trucks in my area in the day.who ever drove at night?
can someone please explain how to do forward bay parking

i have not driven for 1 month now and refuse to start over with help!the thing is i cant get a job or see my boyfriend because of my anxiety and its taking over my life because i dont go out at all

please please help me:|hypnosis did not help me and i have no money to buy things on the net because i dont work.im 20 im sappose to enjoy my life now not when im married