Hi Im new to this forum and only discovered it last night. Im a 36 year old mum of two and have a boy 15 years and girl 17 years. I worry constantly about everything...in fact, i never relax. It really affecting my children at the moment because they want to go out and explore the world and to a degree I let them go out...but the the problem is, i text them or phone them constantly. Im convinced something bad is going to happen to them, i.e, get stabbed, dragged into a car or van, all sorts of bad things. When i think about it logically I know its very unlikely these things will happen but Im panicked when theyre out of my sight and I worry they will be murdered. I want to protect them and now my daughter wants to go into town on a saturday evening and stay out until 2pm and I dont think its safe. I know she will be 18 in two months and then I wont be able to do anything about it. They are so good and always text me to tell me they are ok but I worry all the time about everything. I work with vulnerable children who are out all the time and either live in care or with parents who dont care. This causes more anxiety but I love my job.
My son has OCD and is constantly sniffing his hands and straightening his clothes. He irons them, then he proceeds to use cellotape to get rid or any dust or hair on them, I cant even see any but I know he thinks there is. He has a couple of spots at the moment and he is constantly worrying about them.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Or even anyone who has the same experiences as me.
Many thanks in advance
Angie x