My nephew(he's my age and we've always been really close so I call him my brother.) has come on to me twice in the past few years. The first time was when I was 12, he wanted to kiss me, I obviously didn't let anything happen. The last time was a year ago. He wanted to have sex. I panicked and ran to my boyfriends house at the time. Following that, his mom/my sister basically disowned me. We haven't talked since. Now I'm terrified of people and I hate almost everyone. I only trust one person in my life. I've had panic attacks almost every night and i don't like being out in public. I feel like men are out to get me. Also, my older nephew tried things with me when I was like 8. Nobody knows that one. I feel like I've lost myself ever since last summer. How can I even begin to feel comfortable with myself and other people?