Welcome to our forum support and chat site! You are in the right place if you are a constant worrier and a hypochondriac. The fears are very real, and the constant worries does eventually harm the physical body. Actually, when I learned that my excessive worrying would jeopardize my health, I got serious about learning how to deal with this better. I found that my constant worrying made for more aches and pains, stimulated by my brain releasing "worry chemicals."

Allay your fears by finding out as much about your health as you can. This will allow you breathing room as to how valid your concerns are. And try to incorporate something in your routine that's different or exciting or something that brings you joy or happiness. Give yourself time to take a break from your brain, whether it be a half hour or an hour, and if your brain freaks out, just tell it, you have the rest of the time to take over. I want MY time, it's just 30 min/ 1 hour. Little anti-fear breaks are good for your soul.

You aren't alone, Andy00. There are other hypochondriacs out there that have been where you are at, and have conquered it. Can't wait to hear more of what you have to say on the forums!