Hey everyone. I've had severe anxiety for about 10 years. I started self medicating with alcohol. That didn't turn out well at all. So it's been a while since I had a drink and I've been medicating with Xanax. I usually wait until it's really bad to take it and my tolerance is starting to build. It usually takes 1.5-2 mgs of Xanax to relax me but it also takes 30 minutes to work. I feel pains in my chest, palpitations, shortness of breath and a warped reality. Its very frustrating cause I know it's anxiety but it mirrors the symptoms of a heart attack. I've been to the cardiologist twice and they said nothing is wrong. Sometimes when in driving it comes on and I have to call someone to take my mind off it. And if it's not my heart, it's something else. If I have stomach pains, then I think I have stomach cancer. If my head hurts, it's a brain tumor. I think you get the point. I'm sick of living this way! Im 34 years old and I'm fed up with this feeling. I look around at everyone else and wonder how they can go through the day without thinking about death. Is there a trick to block it out? Can someone please help, I'm sick and tired of being scared all the time