I am new to this forum.I have a child who is very anxious about going to school. Her anxiety builds up before getting into school, resulting in her backing away. She has been referred to CAMBs but have been told by the doctor that this could take up to 3 months for an appointment. In the meantime, me and my family are trying to cope with this anxiety but I get very fruastrated/angry with her, as persuading my daughter could take up to 2/3hours a day and at the end she still doesn't go into school. She says that I don't help her but we have spoken with school, GP and even paid for a private session with a child pyscologist who helped her with breathing techniques and how to manage once she started feeling anxious. She was very positive when she came out of this session, but the next day she went back to being very anxious. I know that she won't change over night, but she just disregards what the lady has told her and places the blame all onto me, as I am at home with her.

Is there anyone out there who could suggest any ideas for dealing with my daughter when she goes into negative mode? or any professional help in this matter?

At this moment in time I feel very trapped as I cannot see anyway out of this hole for my family and my daughter.