I am 18 years old, almost 19, with no license. I'm going to a community college and luckily a bus can take me there. I've renewed my permit 3 times
and I feel like a loser. My boyfriend drives, and we only can hang out when he picks me up or visits. I quit my job because I couldn't get rides there.
Sometimes I go driving, and nothing bad happens. I just feel like it doesn't come naturally to me, nor will it ever. I don't know why I feel so anxious about it.
Anytime my mom wants me to drive I start shaking and want to cry, and I try my best to make up excuses. (I lost my glasses, I don't like driving in the rain,
I'm tired, I have to study...) The longer this goes on the worse I feel like shit. All I want is to grow the courage to take my test and drive to where I need to go.
It doesn't help that no one understands my problem. People always either laugh at me or insult me. I wish that others would just believe me that this is really
a fear. I WANT to go to school on my own, work, fun places. This is hindering me immensely and I am becoming depressed.
I just had to vent.