The great majority of Doctors in the medical profession are people of kindness, integrity, dedication, & skill. But we must remember that they are products of & under the strong daily influence of a flawed system which is very subject to the overriding influence of powerful corporations with deep political influence. These have a proven record of not allowing sentimentality or the best interests of patients, including even young children, to get in the way of maintaining a deep revenue stream. (Google: pharmaceutical fraud)
That is one of several important reasons why the final decision for any therapy must remain in the hands of the patient who exercises "informed consent." This is also a good reason why the people need strong regulatory agencies to protect patients' interests. Unfortunately, these agencies have come under the direct influence of the industries they were created to oversee through large political contributions (read bribery).
In the USA, our national health system is said to be, "one sixth of the economy." Also, that it is the most expensive in the world while delivering about the 33rd best care & outcomes. If these 3 facts are true, & there's no good reason to doubt it, then what conclusion can we deduce? That there is a tremendous amount of money flowing towards procedures, therapies, medicines, men, & corporations in return for something much less than the best care possible or apparently even the 25th best care.
The money must be going somewhere, so another way to describe this situation is with the words: waste, incompetence, mistakes, misrepresentation, overcharging, & very likely deliberate fraud. There is no valid reason to assume that large corporations dealing with health have any greater human concern & higher level of ethics than Enron, Exxon, or those wonderful people who run the big Banks that gave us this current financial disaster. Corporations are legally required to consider only the bottom line of profits or risk being sued by their stockholders. Like Frankenstein, they are Man made, powerful, & without conscience.
Under these c***umstances, informed consent becomes the highest priority. So if you have a serious heath problem of any kind & you have not independently & thoroughly researched it, then you have left yourself in a very vulnerable position. It is like taking your car to a mechanic & saying, " I have no idea what's wrong with it, just fix it & send me the bill, whatever it may be." You're likely to wind up with a lot of new parts whether you need them or not. And some might not be so new."
Educating yourself is the key to informed consent. But remember, the Blind Spot of medicine is natural therapy. Doctors have been thoroughly trained & conditioned to disregard & dismiss all natural therapy. Besides, there's not much money in it. Before about 1850 & the birth of "Better living through Chemistry," all medicines were natural. Now we have molecules that have never appeared before on the planet being introduced into our bodies.
To conclude, I strongly encourage all to subscribe to Dr Mercola's newsletter. He has a fascinating interview with the much maligned Dr Wakefield in the latest issue.
Also see the wonderful Natural News interview of Jesse Ventura.
Trust your Doctor to a reasonable point, but be aware of his limitations, influences, & blind spots, & take responsibility for your own life & health.