I think many people has the same experience as I have .I remember when I was about twelve years old I had nightmares at times .And I had a same nightmare every night for a long time . In that dream I was chased by soldiers armed with guns.I flat out to escape but it so difficult to move fast that my movement is just like the slow motion in the movie . Everytime after waking up from the extrem fear I was in a cold sweat .After many times of experiences as such I started to realize this is only just a dream.So I really managed to open my eyes . All things in that dream are gone.We may have a variety of weird dream and hardly doubt about its authenticity.It is hard to suspect of your dream but not impossible.It is a psycho habit to believe your dream .

The sufferers of neurosis often compare their symptoms to a nightmare.How can we get rid of this dream ?what can I do to wake from this nightmare of neurosis ?Mostly we are analysing our dream and trying to change it .This is totally ridiculous and in vain.I believe when the nightmare began all the sufferers made tremendous efforts to find ways to escape or change . You are struggling against your dream in your dream ,but at last you will realize that all you tried is in vain. Also,actually many alleged psychologist said the same stuff as you .They use the same key as you ,though theirs are gilded .They invent various theories ,different terms but the key is still the same one which can not unlock the neurosis.Finally they feel so unnerved that they resort to medication.But that dream doesn’t disppear .It is just hide much deeper and you may feel it is just hiding in a gloomy corner and peek furtively into you .

It isn't necessary to change your dream ,as long as you can realize or be aware that this is a dream .As long as you do not agree with your dream ,this awareness itself can wake you from the dream which is brought about by any neurosis .At first some sufferers are always impatient and keep saying this dream is so inclement and the tribulation is so heavy .They demand analysis and analysis .It is just like If in the nightmare you are chased after by a murder with gun ,you will want to reverse this dream to become the one where you hold a gun and chase after the murder.And at this time you may yell at me :â€￾See ?This is my awful life! but all you tell me is just to accept and wake !â€￾Yes ,This is right .First of all you have to cease the unavailing war with the dream .You have to retreat from the pointless struggle .The starting point of your effort is just what you should change .The process of accepting is just the one where you starts to disagree with the nightmare and not follow it .And you have to draw back a bit so you could accept .

And with your retreating from the fight with this dream meanwhile you will be aware that that is just a dream in mind .That is just a game in mind .Once you don’t agree with or follow that neurosis dream and once you remember persistently that it is only a dream then this memory will cease the dream to let it be broken .

To some extent a part of psychology concentrated on the dream and the analysis for the dream as such they concentrated on the analysis for neurosis . Just by analysing the dream neither could you finish it nor wake from it even though you get more details in it .Little may you know from the the motive ,the resisted desire, the ambition behind your terrific dream .Just relying on doing analysis for the dream how would you know who you are ?The dream is object while you are the subject.You should turn right around to watch in a opposite diretion .You need watch the “dreamerâ€￾ instead of giving your attention to these dreams.

what the eastern psychology is concerned about is the dreamer who is standing after the dream and can realize and remember that is just a dream .In eastern psychology there is never any analysis for the dream of neurosis .If you have to make that kind of analysis ,you can use a more scientific western way to do it .In the aspect of psychoanalysis of dream the west has excellently had a good command.Nevertheless in the east ,it is asked that for the things whose essentials are dream is there any meaning there to analysis it ? Because it is everlasting.If you go on analysis while the source where originate the dream is still there and it will continue to make new dreams which will appear again and again .This is also the reason why till now no one has been totally psychoanalysised .No one in this world can be really totally psychoanalysised because the target of psychoanalysis is to eliminate the dreams and neurosis .So far that goal was never achieved .
The dream will still appear because the source wasn’t changed to the core.

The cineprojector is still running and you continue analysing the pictures on the screen .You keep on thinking how to analyze it .Then you can see the analysis is different from one to one . So there is a variety of psychoanalysis methods as many as the psycho doctors.Everyone has his own opinion and no one can be really disprove because everything you are told is all about the dream thing which tortures you.If you speak loud ,logically ,with good arguments ,you opinion will be attractive ,because they seems so true and the explainations seems so true that people will believe it is surely true .No explaination is valuable and all of them are wrong when you really face a person and try to resolve his problem with neurosis.

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