We have to make it clear that if these problems are just treated with medication or drugs we are only neglecting the sticking point of our problem which is mental stress.it’s sure that medication may release you from the suffering for a while .But I believe that we all know even thousands of times the function of alleviation can’t take the place of the ultimate eradication. Every time the drug wear off you will have to take pills again, what is worse ,maybe more than last time .The measure you are taking is to conceal these trouble again and again .Just like what is said in verses from ancient poetry that “Wild grasses spread on ancient plain;With spring and fall they come and go.Even fire can't burn them up; Again,they rise when vernal breezes blow .â€￾

As to the personalities ,a message is when you were born the system of your belief and character weren’t existing inside of you . your experience in life entail all those personnalities,including belief ,sense of worth and rules as you are growing up.Meanwhile there is always new experience in life so one system of personnality will be changing continuously instead of staying static ever.

Tao said---------
To be part is to be whole; to be bent is to be straight; to be hollow is to be filled; to be worn out is to be renewed; to have little is to have more; to have much is to be confused.