Hello Bluebell Lily, I read a lot of books from Tibetan Buddhists, I had been with the Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism for over 2 years, I read the books by Esther Hicks. I am mainly interested in scientific explanations about all things, and when their explanations are exhausted, then I look at other perspectives like those from Buddhists and Hindus. When there is a dream that is so persistent and reoccurring, then there is a strong psychological reason for it. I don't believe that our dreams are reality at all and I don't believe that they tell the future either. But when they are reoccurring over and over again, which has happened to me in the past with dreams about our elevator, then there is an issue that has not been resolved. I have had the same dreams like you had about soldiers running after my dog and me, but in my dreams my dog and I were always able to find a den underground to duck away from the soldiers. I had this dream several times, I would say about 5 times spanning over 20 years. If humans were not involved with the military and war, we would not have those dreams. Seeing war and this patriotism on TV is really scary. Lily, take care. Nicola