Meg here again.... I first wrote back in September when I had my first attack after driving for over 30 years.
Well today I experienced a second attack while driving on the GSParkway again.

When I had my first (very bad) attack in September, I was alone and my husband had to come get me. Today I was with my husband. We decided to do some shopping at a mall that is about 305 minutes south of us. He drove there and said I would drive back home. Once on the parkway, we were about 15 minutes from our exit and out of nowhere I started feeling lightheaded (dizzy)...and began hyperventilating although not as bad as the first attack.... :huh: I told my husband to talk to me ...that it was happening again...he did but those awful, awful feelings were not going away even with his reassuring words. I HAD to pull over on the shoulder of the parkway so I could slide into the passenger seat.
I started crying and trembling...angry for feeling so paralyzed and not understanding what brought on another attack. I really thought the first attack was the last. Since the first one, I've had no problems with local driving and, in fact, drove on the parkway maybe once or twice if for only a few exits. I was not even thinking of the first attack I had in September....my husband and I were just talking (nothing stressful) when out of nowhere the dizziness started ....etc., etc.
I suppose the only way I will find out what is bringing on these attacks is to seek professional help. For all who have experienced these attacks while driving, please tell me there is hope where I will be able to drive on a parkway/highway again without fear of an attack springing up out of nowhere.