I'm new to the forum, but I want to get some posts out...

I have PTSD and I am in a relationship with another survivor and someone with PTSD... she doesn't have as many symptoms and she manages things far differently than I.

Being in this relationship is a learning experience for me.

When I am having a hard time I don't want to tell her about it and seek support because I don't want to trigger her... especially when I am not in the state to give her the support she will need.

I have a lot of nightmares and flashbacks right now and she rarely does, so it is difficult for her... I know how difficult it is to be in relationship with me when my PTSD is flaired up according to former partners... so for her to also be a survivor is even more difficult.

I also get more upset with her when she is inconsiderate and doesn't get it because she is "suppose" to understand. We recently got into a fight about our pasts, PTSD, etc... honestly, I'm not exactly sure what we got in a fight about because everything feels so connected to me and it is hard to pull it apart. That isn't fair to her that everything is about PTSD...

How do other folks fight in their relationships when both folks have PTSD and might be overly sensitive at times?