Hi Everyone

I have been with my partner for a little over three years now. When we first met she told me she had anxiety. She told me that it could get worse. Since I had never suffered from anxiety and we we're seeing each other out in public I didn't think anything of it. For our first 8 months or so together we would go out. Usually just the same places. We had only went to dinner twice in our first year together because she had issues with eating out. We have never gone on a trip together, gone to the movies or anywhere that I feel many couples enjoy together. After a year together we wanted children. I was excited to make it happen. We had a beautiful daughter and she is now 16 mths old. I enjoy taking her shopping with me, to the park and other places as well. My partner has never been to any of these places with her. She eats, sleeps and goes to work but that is it. I really thought that having our daughter may have changed her for the better but she has just gotten worse. It saddens me that she has no quality of life. I'm sad that she has never seen her daughter play at the park or seen her in a shopping cart. I already have a tremendous amount of anger in me because we do not do anything as a couple. I tend to lash out at her alot because of anger and frustration. I have pretty much lost hope that we will ever have a close relationship like others that I see doing things together. I honestly only care about our daughter now and that she not grow up asking "How come mommy never comes with us?" I'm extremely sad and hurt all the time. I'm lost and extremely lonely. I hope that I dont come across as being insensitive to her condition. I just do not understand it. I can't help feeling all alone in the relationship. I would love to hear from others that have gone through similar situations because I just do not know what to do anymore.