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Thread: My Room mate

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    Hi Lazey ,
    your feeling really anxious atm and its natural to want to take it out on someone,as your friend is the closest thing she is getting it.
    Feeling alone is not a nice feeling and if you get like that go out for a walk or somewhere busy with people so you dont feel alone. I said it before is there any groups or clubs you could join to meet new people.
    What about voluntary work with people less fortunate if you could spare an hour or two to help those it really makes you feel good knowing your helping.
    Dont feel alone ever chat on here or call someone.
    Take care DP

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    Yeah *Sigh* Though she's still pretty absorbed in the guy.
    I'm not big on clubbing (Hate noise and drinks) there are all sorts of activism things I can get involved in, I might make friends but it'll be more stressing for me since all the activism stuff here is for stuff I don't support at best or am totally against.
    But hopefully I won't be here for much longer. I may be moving sooner than August.



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