Hey whats up? I can kinda see where you are getting at! I think the thing that helped me most is changing my diet and exercising. and perhaps you should TRY meditation. there is science behind it that it DOES help us control our emotions.

As far as your irrational thoughts. try this. whenever you feel an irrational thought just remember that it's IRRATIONAL! if you know it's irrational then why let it bother you!? For example I was upset/mad/sad/depressed/anxious my boyfriend didn't text me back all night. I calmed myself down and remembered he loves me. If not then haha i deserve to be happy and i'll find another man. but i'm getting to the point that i've had irrational thoughts. I'm not sure where you are getting at with yours but please remember you DESERVE to be happy. Tell your brain/body that your in control and you deserve to be happy. try to stop negative thoughts. and if you have irrational thoughts then remember that they are irrational so why try to rationalize irrational thoughts? we all go somewhat crazy in the head where we just can't stop worrying or thinking. basically it's being a drama queen :P. You are suffering from one great poison of the mind called "delusion". read Buddha's brain (not a religious book). but basically delusion you are dramatizing events that have happend or yet to happen and you imagine them and replay them suffering and suffering. you play mini movies in your head of events of either the past or future and make things feel worse than what they really are. But for the most part the way to deal with this is to live in the present. i'm not even talking about day by day. i'm talking about the present NOW moment. you are sitting here reading this and alive. why worry yourself with bad vicious thoughts?