Hi everyone. I'm having really bad hypochondria this past week and I'm convinced I have lung cancer due. Pre note: I'm still technically obese (195) 5'4 and I'll be 24 October 10th. In January, 2012, I started having worse back (low/mid/upper)pain and IBS issues, which I was seeing a chiropractor 3x a week for about 5 months. He helped SOMEWHAT but didn't really fix the issue, per-say. I kept having subluxations in my thoracic spine, which he couldn't exactly figure out why. He thought it was PERHAPS because of my sleeping positions (I tend to flip flop around a lot) and because I kept subluxating, it was causing me muscle spasms and such. I was overweight at the time (226.8) and I've so far lost 30 pounds (started my healthy lifestyle change June 3rd, 2012). My IBS has gotten under control and my back doesn't hurt as nearly as bad as it did 30 pounds heavier, though for the past 4 1/2 months I've been dealing with right shoulder aches that come and go. There was a point in between those 4 1/2 months that my shoulder pain was at bay, but until recently it's been bothering me a bit more, but not with increasing pain. Of course I wanted to try to self diagnose the culprit behind my shoulder pain, and all I kept getting was "the first signs of lung cancer is right shoulder pain". Now I've been freaking out for almost a week thinking for sure I have lung cancer, as I also have random (not as often though) aches in my right knee and I've always kinda had a chronic cough (I seem to have nasal drip a lot, especially after I eat, regardless if it's hot or not.) I got so nervous the other day that instead of going to my vocal lessons, I went straight to an immediate walk in clinic, where they took blood tests (they came back all fine) and scheduled me next week for X-rays of my shoulder and lungs. The doctor didn't really calm my nerves when I asked him "could this be a sign of lung cancer" as he looked at me and said "yeah, it can be". My face literally dropped and he asked me to lay on my stomach (to check for gallbladder issues). I couldn't stop myself from asking him "Do you think that's a possibility for MY shoulder pain" and he said "No, I highly doubt it". I kinda just wished that after he said it could be a sign, that he would of followed up with the "I doubt you could have it". He did tell me that my shoulder seems to have muscle spasms (I also have mid back muscle spasms, and any type of ache I get in my body usually is right sided) and that could be because of the back issues I deal with. I'm just hoping I don't have cancer. I'm scared to death about taking these X-rays and them telling me I have a mass or something. If anyone has ever had a scare like this or has unfortunately happen to been diagnosed with lung cancer, could you tell me more about it? If you had shoulder pain, was it a constant pain? What type (dull, aching, sharp)? Were there any times that the shoulder pain went away for a few days and reappeared? For those that have read this, thanks for taking the time out. I hope I can get some answers.