I hate to say this but "Spirit Soul" you need to think how you answer, you did not acknowledge his severity of his OCD, Mine is only on certain items and events and if it is not done right I freak out and have to start all over again. I am a middle case I guess, I really want to say to "Emi" is try to get help and you can get better, but OCD can get stronger really fast in time and actions, working on it bit by bit is a good answer. Pick one thing minor you do in OCD and just think about changing it how it is done or where it sits and then after a few days change it to the way you have been thinking about, then the next action is do it again with a different item or action but less time to think about it in how it will be done or moved differently, this gives your brain time to adjust to change in the action quicker. this method that was taught to me by a Psychiatrist I hope it will help you, if it does not work then I suggest you get professional help.