-work rant-

So, I worked for a department store doing mostly customer service. I was never fully trained, they had someone standing behind me on register for like 2 minutes telling me what to do and I figured out the rest on my own or by asking fellow employees. I was constantly getting in trouble for things that I was not trained to do or no one ever told me that it needed to be done. I had a supervisor yell at me and say "why bother coming to work, if you're not going to do your job!?" all because the rack that I keep hangers on when people buy clothes was not in the right order. It turns out that I wasn't even supposed to be putting them in order as I was told by management because that takes time. This same supervisor would go over to my section and tell me how messy it was and ask why I wasn't cleaning it. Well, it was because I was being called to register nonstop because the store is so shorthanded and I didn't get any time to get to it. She then replied with "It's not that hard of a job, just straighten it up!".

Then there was the incident of checking for fake bills at the register. Several times, I asked them "Are we supposed to be checking the big bills to see if they are fake?" and they said not to worry about it. I even gave them booklets that my mom had on how to check for fake bills. I didn't even get a thank you. Then one day I get called to the office and the assistant managers who told me not to worry about checking the big bills ask me "How come you haven't been checking the 50's and 100's?!" I was honest and told them "because you told me not too!" . And all because the store manager was there, they proceeded to DENY what they said and lie to my face about it.

Oh, and the issue with the scheduling...They liked to have me stay late for cleanup at 1am and put me back in at 9am! They also had a habit of changing the schedule without my knowledge and then putting me down as a no call no show when I thought I had off. I actually liked this job at first. It was a great learning experience, I became more assertive even. However, they treated me like crap. And it is awfully suspicious that ever since I had an epileptic seizure at work, they started messing with my schedule and not telling me when I was supposed to be in. I was fired yesterday because they suddenly put me in for an earlier day and I didn't show up. I wrote down the schedule and everything, but my guess is that they just didn't want someone with epilepsy working at their store. The sad part is that I have no idea what to do about it because it's not like they just came out and said "you have epilepsy so you can't work here anymore", they did it in a sneaky way.

Maybe I'm being paranoid about them firing me because of my seizures, but either way, they treated me like dog doo. After they asked me to help train someone, told me I was doing a great job, and gave me the position of front end supervisor....they fire me anyway? It was literally a couple days after the seizure that they started changing my schedule and ONLY my schedule, no one else's. I was planning to quit that job anyway because of how poorly managed it was. Now, I'm just emotionally hurt because I feel that I might have been discriminated against, but there is really no way to prove it.