DONT want to Date this person just be FRIENDS. Keep in mind you can havea friend any ageee

talk to this guy and he is 37. Ya i had self esteem issues and he helped me but i know what i want in life. I m in college for cyber crimes. Im 18 and i know how much bills are, how guys are , how hard life is.. I am going to college not only becuase it is appropriate for my age but to help support a future family. he is an engineer and he has no kids, wife or a girl friend.. He tells me that i am immature, have no clue about the real world , and he talks to me like i am a baby. I tell him about how much bills are and try to prove to him that i know what i want. but he puts me down , um is he trying to control me? he has really high standards he says he wants " older girl, same stage in life as him , and career established woman" but he cant find her. is that cus hes controlling?

so he said we can't be good friends cus we're to different , well i shouldnt have to prove myselff to him ..
he is ignoring me and i hate that.. it seems like hes playing a game to see how hard i can try ;(
what do i do, cause he keeps condescing me if we talk or he ignores me ?

its hippocrtical cause he talks to girls my age but hes weirdto me??