Hello everyone. I am at a standstill as to whether or not I should actually even still TRY to make friends. Right now, the only friend I have is my husband.
For only a few months was I friends with this girl who goes by the nickname "River." As of lately, I have decided to discontinue the friendship, politely asking her on facebook to not contact me or my husband any longer.
She is an innocent young woman of 21 years who does not realize she is a natural flirt and I became somewhat jealous of her for flirting with my husband, who picked up on her flirts and became distracted from me, his wife, and our 5 year old daughter.

River and I have a lot in common, and I enjoyed her company, when it was just her with me. She was someone who seemed to understand my problems and the issues I am dealing with at this time. But along with knowing her also came a bunch of drama that I did not need in my life.
She assured me that nothing would ever manifest between her and my husband, for her heart beat for another man, Jesse, my neighbor. She lived with Jesse and his family, but would get in fights with his mother, and then come crying to stay with me and my husband. She would stay here for nights in a row, then stay one day at Jesse's, then come back again from another argument. I felt like I was being a good friend to her, helping her, giving her a place to stay. But eventually the flirting with my husband bothered me to the point that it came out of me in discrete, yet loud ways. Any time he gave her something to keep, or offered her anything of his to take, I became hurt. He began focusing his attention too much on River and a distance grew between me and him. There have been a few occasions where he abandoned me and my daughter to be with River, because she needed "help" due to complications with her relationship with Jesse. Everyone I've talked to about these c***umstances agrees with me that my husband was completely wrong in doing so and is lacking common sense and pure logical reasoning. He admitted he was wrong, too.
A few days ago, my husband left me, and I was worried he was leaving me to spend time with River,who had left the area the day before with her suitcases and all. I called her and told her what he said and that he had gone and that I just needed a friend, company, someone to spend time with and talk to. She said she would spend the night with me and be there for me, but she turned off her phone (which by the was is a tracfone she was borrowing from me, which I know I will never see again) and never called me or came by. I was sickly anxious, depressed, and panicking because of my psychiatric makeup of having fears of being alone and needing my husband to communicate to most other people for me. I had nightmares all night long, waking up, not breathing right, with abnormal heart rhythms. I felt nauseated and vomited. I was a total wreck and found out she had ditched me because she took offense to me thinking her and my husband were doing something together... the jealousy. But I messaged her, after surviving my panic attack and suicidal episode, simply stating I just needed a friend, someone to help me and console me, to keep me company. I told her not to contact me or my husband anymore and that she was only a hindrance to our marital problems, and obviously was not interested in being there for me. She replied back that her grandma was in the hospital, but before my husband finally came home, he said he spoke to her on the phone the morning after my nightmares and she said she took offense to what I was thinking, to my fears, to my "jealousy" and that is why she didn't come over. She didn't mention her grandma at all. I kindly replied back to River, this time with more force, telling her I do not want her to communicate with us at all anymore. She flipped out and sent me a nasty, malicious, self-esteem-ending message that brought me down and made me think about all the other people who I was once friends with, but who left me and never decided to stay in contact with me again, always seeming to be due to something I said, felt, or did. This makes me wonder if I am even capable of having a longtime friend. Maybe I'm supposed to be alone in regards to "friends." I was recently tested for autism spectrum disorders, specifically being screened for Aspergers, and I know that this must be something others go through. I have not received my results yet, so I do not know for sure whether or not I am an aspie or if I'm just a damned soul that can't keep a hold on any friends, except my husband (but even that gets f***ed at times).
Any advice would highly be appreciated.