This is sick, really. I'm trying to put things behind me and not argue with people. So what do they do? They do it passively aggressively. Someone who says "I'm your friend, I understand" and then when you PM them to ask them what's up, they tell you to "fuck off" and an Op doesn't do anything about it? Hell, I copied the PM and sent it so they could see it and I imagine they could check logs to see as well so they know I didn't delete stuff from the PM and nothing was done about it. And nothing will ever be done about it because obviously if your opinion differs from these "favorites", you're fucked. They don't care about you or what others say to you. They only care about their favorites. And those favorites will never get banned. I almost guarantee after I'm done writing this that I become banned and you know what? I don't fucking care. People want to try to get me riled up in main chat just so I can get booted, by all means, TRY IT. And I don't give a fuck what book or tapes you read/listen to. I don't care if it's Clare Weeks or not. I don't want the shit crammed down my throat, plain and simple. Feel free to share your knowledge with others but when I say I'm not interested, leave me the fuck alone. I don't push my religious agenda or my therapy or my medications on anyone- I don't want anyone else doing that to me. You want to play your childish games? Go right ahead. I'm done with that shit. Just don't sit there and PM me too fuck off and that I'll be sorry etc etc and then go to main chat and chastise people who cuss in chat when it was you who did it. Some friend. A backstabbing friend maybe. And personally, I don't need any of those. I thought about naming names, but I'm not going to do that. These people know who they are. You want to tell me to fuck off? lol I'd be glad to. Just give me the time and place sweetheart.